Sample Essay


Starbucks is an industrial leader in specialty coffee retailing. However, in recent years it has been facing problems from its micro environment as well as its macro environment. It is falling short of its promises of creating an experience with every cup of coffee it firms. Therefore, not being able to justify the premium prices it charges for its coffee. Moreover, fast foods retailers such as McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts are offering cheaper better tasting coffee, which is also hurting the sales of Starbucks and chipping off at its market share.(Herriman, M., Wanikawa, M., Ichinose, R., Darak, S. & Chaivan, Y.  2008).

There is political stability in the United States after successful phasing of presidential elections.

United States is hit by the worst recession it has faced in decades. Lower discretionary income is impacting the consumption pattern of consumers.

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