Sample Essay

Explain how and why international marketing differs from domestic marketing for Levi Strauss & Co.

On the international front, marketers have to keep tab of the potential of a particular product in a particular market and watch out for the opportunities and threats imbibed within the organization. International marketing involves rather more complex environments. There are innumerable number of reasons as to why an organization may choose to go global.

The most basic one being to increase profits and help the firm grow, to improvise and increase efficiencies and reduce protective barriers in target national market. It’s always a good idea to expand especially when the market at home is saturated and there is little scope for development. Most organization look out for economies of scale as they expand internationally. The product life cycle stands in its preliminary stages in the national market so it’s always a good idea to go ahead and expand internationally. It could also help move beyond territorial boundaries and help overcome them. Levi’s is an example of this whereby it has setup firms all over Asia, Europe and strives to export in harmony rather than exporting against territorial pressures.

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