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Majority of Indians are vegetarians and those who do eat meat, do so once or twice a week. As a religious duty, all Indian, particularly Hindu, men and women should learn the art of dance and music.

Indian women are no doubt, nowadays educated, but still illiterate when in comes to knowing about their rights. If an Indian bride fails to bring dowry, it is a bone of contention in her relationship with her in-laws. All Indian ladies are expected to be submissive and introverts and if a women tries to speak out for herself, it is considered rude. Nothing by the law is done for domestic violence against women in India which is a common thing in the middle and lower class families. Not much action is taken against sexual violence also. Even now the birth of a girl in the family is cause of depression .The son is said to be the one who will carry the family name forward. In rural areas, even today, a newborn girl is killed. One rule that an Indian women follows as opposed to the western women is that, when at a social gathering an Indian women shakes hands with other women only, and not with men. In short she is expected to follow the path which her father, brother and husband choose for her. An Indian man on the other hand, is considered to be the head of the family as in any other culture. He expects his wife and children to abide by the rules he sets for his household. No one in the family has the right to say no to anything he says, even if it is obviously wrong. He wants to be loved, pampered and cared for by his wife regardless of whether he is doing the same for her.

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