Sample Essay

The play “Sweeney Todd: the demon barber of Fleet Street” is a well-scripted play, at times brutal and horrific but which I like anyways as it portrays the irony of life. I like the play also as it depicts the harsh realities of life, giving us a breather from the traditional happily ever after stories.
The words that are evoked by reading the play are that Life is not fair. However, justice is served to all even if it is done in a cruel and twisted way as in this play’s end Sweeney Todd not only kills his enemy but also himself and his wife (who was assumed to be dead).
The premise of the play Sweeney Todd is that lust for power, love and revenge is present in everybody and it is only the situation in which a person that brings it out of him.
The exposition of the play is “ The ballad of Sweeney Todd”, in which the lead character is been buried and at his burial scene, this slow musical acts as a prelude to the awful story that is to be unfolded. The musical, “A barber and his wife” is also a part of the exposition as it provides insight and background to the whole play.
The whole introductory ballad is so powerful that entices a viewer to watch the whole play. The inciting moment of the play comes in its exposition when the lead character is been introduced as “Attend the tale of Sweeny Todd.”(The ballad of Sweeney Todd). This particular opening sentence of the play grabs the attention of the viewer and the lyrics of the whole exposition completes the suspense and catches undivided attention of the viewer who by this time is filled with curiosity.

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