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Another theory related to the cause of dreams is that proposed by Carl Jung which states that dreams are not only the outcome of an individuals personal experience, but a part of it is also in some way connected with the combined conscious that makes up a fragment of the brain. It comprises of the images of the activities that take place in the world. He believed that people who dream could easily interpret their dreams by organizing a collective image of every single dream and figuring out a common factor or element present in each and every one of them. Upon figuring out the common feature or element, the dreamer can relate it to a real life experience that might have taken place, which would give some clues about the interpretation of the dream.
There is yet another theory which states that a person’s dreams are determined by his or her perception, the way he or she perceives things. For example, there are people who look at a rose and imagine its beauty and the lovely scent it emits. On the other hand there are people who would look at the same rose and imagine thorns and the pain it causes. These perceptions are usually formed by one’s personal experiences in life, which also affect his or her dreams.

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