Sample Essay

Binge drinking is said to be one of the foremost cause of avoidable death and results in employee non-attendance and lost efficiency. Drinking more than is sensible affects how well we perform at work, and most of the times this is not even realized by the person having the drink. If a single person is not working the best that he should, the others have to take on his work and put in an extra effort to put up with the requirements. This is a common cause of resentment, low morale and stress in the workplace.
Familiarity about the pervasiveness of binge drinking in the midst of employees of dissimilar occupations is limited. Disproportionate drinking, together with high per-occasion alcohol utilization (e.g., binge drinking) and elevated average daily alcohol consumption, is the third foremost reason of preventable death in the United States. As is said, “In 2001, excessive alcohol consumption accounted for 75,000 deaths. In 1998, the direct and indirect economic cost of excessive alcohol consumption was $185 billion. Binge drinking, defined as consuming five or more drinks on one or more occasions during the previous 30 days, is the most common type of excessive drinking and accounts for more than half of all alcohol-related deaths. Binge drinking is an important risk factor for unintentional injury, interpersonal violence, suicide, and adverse reproductive outcomes” (Jarman, Naimi, Pickard, Daley and Anindya, 2004).

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