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Past research has acknowledged an involvement between alcohol and drug use and poor school performance, measured in grades. These results point toward the fact that out of control alcohol and drug use predicts poor college performance. Apart from the issues of gender and race, binge drinking may have insinuations over the academic progress of just about any and every student. It is believed by many that drinking definitely has negatively affected on the GPA both through its effect on a student’s cognitive aptitude and also by affecting the study habits of the student. On the other hand, the data that has been acquired related to this issue is somehow mixed and presents various views.

It is believed by a number of researchers and professors that students who infrequently or normally binge drink tend to miss classes more and finish up falling behind on their school work. Even if the amount of alcohol consumed is a bit less, it definitely has a greater and more negative effect on lowering the GPA of a student, even though the result can not be compared to that of students who are frequent binge drinkers. If a student is a binge drinker but only does so sporadically, the actions that he carries out will have less of an effect on GPA than will a student who continuously drinks without binging.

Frequent drinking affects students academically due to the fact that they do not go to class as often s they should which leads to them not studying enough. On the other hand, students who are constant binge drinkers tend to physically harm themselves, but if this binge drinking does not take place at a recurrent rate their grades will not suffer as much. Those who are affected most because of binge drinking are those under the age of 21, considering the fact that they are the ones who end up drinking the most frequently.

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