Sample Essay

The effects of drinking over relationships all the way through and after college years seem to be negative. Nobody likes being in the company of people who are seriously drunk. It is something which is usually not enjoyed by many people. The conversation is generally senseless and a person who is drunk usually has a nasty habit of getting into arguments, falling about the place and throwing up. If you are a drinker yourself, you will soon come to realize the fact that the only people who enjoy your company are those who have drinking behavior patterns like your own. This proves that people during college and even after it will not be able to put up with a person who engages in binge drinking.

Even if the people are your friends, there is a limit to what they would be able to bear. Binge drinking also causes trouble between couples and partners. It is said that, “alcohol makes both men and women less sensitive to other people’s feelings and this can damage relationships. If you’re drinking too much, chances are it’s cutting into time you could be spending doing other things as a couple. It could also encourage your partner to drink more than they should. Then you’ll both be hung-over and ratty – hardly a recipe for a match made in heaven. In the long term, if you drink too much you’ll get ill and probably die sooner – not very fair on anyone who loves you” (Alcohol and Relationships, 2007).

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