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E-marketing is cheaper if one scales the target audience which can be addressed through this form of marketing. Companies can address larger broader audience domains for relatively small fractions of advertising budgets. At the same time, the nature of this medium gives the consumer the freedom of choice and convenience to go about purchasing products and services at their own behest. Ergo, such businesses have an edge over others in the same platforms. It gives the consumers all the time in their hand to go compare, research, try, and look into the product before actually going about and purchasing it. Thus such marketing means give the marketers an upper edge promising results quickly Cost-volume-profit analysis and business goals determine the strategy and the overall impact of the marketing approach chosen.

E-marketers can also trace statistics more easily and inexpensively compared to the counterpart traditional methods. Almost all nuances of an Internet marketing campaign can be traced, tabulated, measured and verified. The advertisers have innumerable methods to choose from. These could be pay per impression, pay per click, pay per play or pay per action. Marketers can easily make out which of the aforementioned modes appeal more to the audience. At the same time performance and results of online marketing campaigns can be easily traced as well. This is more so because most of these initiatives require a user to click on an advertisement, which will direct him to website and there he would perform the targeted action. It goes unsaid such measurements and tracking modes will not be achieved through other bill board means of advertising. In this case, the individual can only obtain information later when he has the means and the mode of communication to do so. E-marketing has grown by leaps and bounds as of 2007 compared to marketing through other types of media. The kind of exposure, response and efficiency of Internet media it promises, it made it easier to track the traditional offline media. Today marketers and their prospect clients are increasingly well informed and more aware of the need to come together and measure collaborative effects of marketing instead of selling each advertising medium. (BBC-Apple makes it big n.d.)

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