Sample Essay

In another move, on July 1958, the East Germany Congress announced all agricultural products be collected and distributed at whole sale prices. [i]The Border of the West Berlin stood open for East German and many of them continued seeping in over the course of this time period.

The most common mode of communication was the subway or the popular S-Bahn-the electric commuter train and remained inconspicuous amongst the thousands of the other commuters who worked for the West. Police checks and regular intervals were of little or no help. Most people used to make repeated journeys carrying a few belongings every time thus evading the police checks.  (Fredrick)

[i] The move aimed at improving industrial output and formed the basis of the seven year economic stimulus which was originally meant to bring the PPC of East Germany at par with that of West Germany. The plan also severed trade and gas supply routes behind the Iron Curtain and the situation become even worse. The policies in the East could not help prevent dissatisfaction and frustration by the people on the East who sought refuge in the West.

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