Sample Essay

The consequences of these changes were not confined to the transportation field. As our transportation patterns changed, so too did our life-styles, our surroundings, our consumption patterns, and even our culture. Social commentators have long noted, praised, lamented, and argued about the impact of the automobile and freeways on U.S. culture and life-styles.

However one feels about these social changes, there can be no denying their significance. Nor is there any denying the economic impact of the automobile. Since the 1920s the production and sale of automobiles, the provision of automobile services and maintenance, the construction of roads and their servicing and maintenance, and the provisioning of other auto-related services have grown dramatically. One U.S. job in six became directly dependent on the automobile.” (James, 1986)

The large-scale Interstate Highway System neared completion by the year 1990 and was function thereafter. It was developed at a mammoth cost of more than $100,000,000,000. The IHS was a dream-ride. It is the reason most family reunions in America have been possible on key events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. But more so, it has facilitated the container trucking industry and hurled businesses to un-chartered lengths.

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