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A combination natural factors — the climate, that coral snatched up of Belize (more long in the western hemisphere), 127 Cayes foreign countries (islands), excellent fishes, certain water for the shipping, for the Sporttauchen, and for Schnorcheln, several faunas of the forest and the Flora, the helicopter, the and ruins of Maya travels — supports the wealthy industry of tourism and ecotourism. The costs of the development are high, but the government ofBelizeappointed tourism as its second priority of the development after agriculture.  In 2007, arrivals of the tourist 251,655 (more than 210,000 ofUSA) and receipts of the tourist summed up, that is lifted to $183.3 millions.

Belizehas on is a small one, in substance capitalistic economy been based main in agriculture, in which industry is based of on agriculture, and in the commercialization, with tourism and construction taking recently the largest importance.  In 2006, the preparation of again discovered crude oil in the city ofSpanishwindow, new telescopes and the problems submitted for this developing country.  Sugar [5], that head harvest, that accounts for almost half of the exports while the industry of the banana is the largest employer of the country.  The hard program of the severity of the government in 1997 resulted in an economic delay, that continued in 1998.  The trade deficit is, grown in its larger part as a result of low prices of the export for the sugar and the bananas.  The new government stands important challenges to the economic stability vice versa. The fast action to improve taxes collection, was promised, but to contained a deficiency of the progress, the edition, could bring the exchange rate low pressure.  The sectors of the tourist and the construction, who are reinforced in early 1999, carrying to an initiating estimation of the growth newly animates in 4%.  The dollar ofBelizeis set to the dollar ofUSAat the rate of 2:1.

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