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The ecotourism is a form of tourism that implies trips to tranquil areas and done not contaminate natural.  According to the definition and principles of the ecotourism established by The International Company of the Ecotourism (TIES) in 1990, the ecotourism is “Responsible trip to natural areas that conserves the environment and improvement the welfare of people of the place”.  (TIES, 1990).  The Honey of Martha, expanding in the definition of TIES describing the seven characteristics of the ecotourism, that is:

  • It Implies trip to natural destinies.
  • It Minimizes impact.
  • It Builds the environmental knowledge.
  • It Provides benefits directly financiers for the conservation.
  • It Provides benefits and financial authorization for people of the place.
  • It Respects the local culture.
  • It Supports human rights and demographic movements.


  • Conservation of biological diversity and cultural diversity by the protection of ecosystem
  • Promotion of the sustainable use of the biodiversity, providing works to local population.
  • Sharing of socioeconomic benefits with neighborhoods and native towns having its consent and the participation reported in the management of businesses of ecotourism.
  • Tourism to intact natural resources, with most minimum impact in the environment that is a primary worry.
  • Reduction of own environmental impact of tourism
  • the accessible price and the lack of waste in the shape of luxury
  • the local culture, the flora and the fauna that are the main attractions

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