Sample Essay

The tourism is to a large extent responsible for keeping the gorillas ofRwandaof the extinction.  The gorilla was threatened by poachers and by farmers whose practices of lands-emptying destroyed the gorillas natural habitat. Vulcan’s D of Parc of Rwanda, created by Gave Fossey as a nature preserve, has come be an international attraction and the third larger source of currencies forRwanda.  The incomes of the honorary one $170-a-day that visiting pay for entering the park has permitted the government to create anti to fish furtively patrols and to employ local farmers park as guides and to guards.  Still this success is in danger of the civil war that invades and the forest is endangered and industry of the tourism.

Do the rainforests benefit from ecotourism? The forest and its inhabitants do not benefit directly of the presence of many tourists.  The forest benefits only if the money of tourists can change people land use guidelines of the place or destructive corporate of the forest toward more sustainable activities.  In the tropics, exploding populations and the widespread poverty has forced the people from the place to exploit the forest as a source of living.  The dollars of the tourism can provide a lot more needy incomes for remote communities, improving standard of living and with which reducing pressure to degrade the natural middle.

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