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He, who learns for the sake of haughtiness, dies ignorant. He, who learns only to talk, rather than to act, dies a hypocrite. He, who learns for the mere sake of debating, dies irreligious. He, who learns only to accumulate wealth, dies an atheist. And he who learns for the sake of action, dies a mystic.”
One of the distinguishing characteristics of Islam is its accent on knowledge. Going through the Quran and the traditions of Islam we gather that Muslims have been commanded to obtain knowledge and intelligence and to consider people who are knowledgeable in high regard. As mentioned above, it is obligatory upon all men and women who are the followers of Islam to attain knowledge. Not only are the Muslims told to acquire knowledge, but after the acquisition they are also ordered to preach the knowledge. When one goes through books of history, we find that some of the most well-known and most creative scientists were all Muslims. According to sources, “The Muslims were responsible for developing the sciences of physics and chemistry. It were Muslims who first taught these sciences to others and later on other people made expansions in these fields. We should learn from others, complying with the words of the Prophet: Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. And: Seek knowledge even [if it is to be found in a place as distant as] China. The question of acquisition of knowledge from others is not a matter of dependence. Man should acquire good ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and skills, from all corners of the world” (Bahonar, p.1).

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