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Alexander Pope was a self-made man. He acquired much of his education on his own and in his later life he was a hard-working scholar right from the very beginning. Pope learnt a number of languages and that too on his own, and the very first verses written by him were mostly replications of the poets that were admired by him. He received much of his encouraged at the talent that he had by his father, who was a simple linen-draper, and his other literary-minded friends also encouraged him a lot. Alexander Pope never married anyone, even though he made a vast number of friends throughout his life and that too in the literary circles of London and the most noticeable friend of his was Jonathan Swift.
By the time that his formal education has reached an end, he started reading a lot and “as he later remembered: “In a few years I had dipped into a great number of the English, French, Italian, Latin, and Greek poets. This I did without any design but that of pleasing myself, and got the languages by hunting after the stories…rather than read the books to get the languages.” His very favourite author was Homer, whom he had first read aged eight in the English translation of John Ogilby. Pope was already writing verse: he claimed he wrote one poem, Ode to Solitude, at the age of twelve” (Alexander Pope, p.1).

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