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The system of education in Islam is a bit strict and religious education forms a part of the education system. But it necessary to note that the education system is somehow liberal and does not cut off the student from worldly education. The Islamic system of education is such that religious and worldly subjects are taught to the students at the same time. But even if the system is liberal, it is still deeply impacted by religion. Boys and girls in an Islamic educational system study in different classes and the girls are kept veiled even at school. Friendship between the girls and boys at school is forbidden. When compared with the educational system of the United States of America, one would find certain differences between both the educational systems. The fore most difference is that the American system of education does not make religious studies a compulsory subject and much more importance is laid on subjects like mathematics, history etc. Another difference between the two systems of education is that the American system is far more relaxed and girls and boys get to mingle with each other and study in a very friendly environment, though some schools in America are single-sexed.
In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that Islam is a religion which promotes education and the acquisition of knowledge is a must for every single follower of Islam, without any discrimination between men and women, young and old. A vast number of sayings of the prophet Muhammad as well as a number of verses from the sacred book of Muslims that is the Quran show that education is considered very important by Islam. The Muslims are commanded not only to acquire education but are also told to educate others and to acquire education from anyone and everyone that they can. Islam does not stop its followers from acquiring worldly education hence the Islamic system of education is not limited to religious education only.

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