Sample Essay


Education in the United States is basically provided by the government with control and funds coming in from three levels: federal, state, and local. School attendance is necessary and nearly universal at the elementary and high school levels. Locally elected school boards with jurisdiction over school districts set the school curriculum, funds, teaching as well as other policies at this level. Local jurisdictions and school districts are usually separate, with independent officials and budgets.
Educational standards and standardized testing decisions are usually made by state governments.
An exceptional quality of Colombia’s educational system is the composition of public and private enrollments at the diverse levels of education. Where most primary (81 percent) and secondary (72 percent) students go to public institutions, 70 percent of students attend private higher education institutions. This dissimilarity has to do with higher education institutions’ role as comparatively good businesses and public institutions having their intensification limited due to fiscal restraint. The educational system is inclusive of kindergartens (preschool facilities), primary schools, secondary schools, and other educational facilities that present training in industry, domestic science, veterinary science, business, nursing, theology, and art. The preponderance of the country’s universities are located in the capital city, even though there are colleges in other main cities such as Medellín, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Popayán, and Cali (Colombia Education, p.1).

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