Sample Essay

Other studies had highlighted the fact that the effect of music in the immediate post-operative period on severe pain was not so significant, and that it also did not reduce the severe pain associated with the first ambulation.

Therefore this study fine tuned the results of the earlier trial and aimed to provide more insight into the beneficial effect of soothing music. Included in this study were about 468 patients admitted in 5 hospitals who were scheduled to undergo major abdominals surgery. Through a computer they were randomly assigned to four groups; music, relaxation, combination, and control. They were all expected to ambulate and receive patient controlled anesthesia after their surgery. Those put in the experimental groups were taught the interventions at the pre-admission interview. The final sample consisted 84% of women and 16% men, the mean age of whom was 45. Most had a year of college education, were married and employed. These characteristics did not differ significantly between the 4 groups. Jaw relaxation, the technique of Flaherty and Fitzpatrick was taught to the relaxation group. This was assessed by coaches for correct practice both pre and postoperatively. There were five options of sedating music for the music group and they could choose according to preference. Those assigned to combination had to learn the relaxation technique and choose from the 5 music types. The control group received rest.

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