Sample Essay

A company with the publicity and advertising potential such as McDonald’s can realize such goals if it seriously pursues them. If it had wholeheartedly advertised the healthier foods they would have been a considerable part of its sales revenue. It can be seen that McDonald’s is using its advertising power to deceive its customers because it has not provided the value of healthier food it promised. This can be directly compared to the effective ethical use of advertising by another company i.e. Volvo. Volvo used its advertising strategy and repetition techniques to build its image as the safe car. Although it shaped our perceptions as customers it also lived to deliver the value promised i.e. safety. Therefore, as Volvo lived up to its promise it reinforced its perception as a safe car. Therefore, Volvo’s ethical standards in business and advertisements can be viewed as truthful and delivering what they promise. Companies should imitate Volvo’s example towards ethical perception building and promotions.

The customer in the new economy is more aware and knowledgeable then customers in previous eras. Customers today cannot be misled for long, especially when a company’s product fail to provide the value its advertisements create. Even though McDonald’s sales in US have come up, it is in profits and share price has increased the same is not true about it in Europe. The case study states that McDonald’s had to close 25 stores in UK alone. Further research proves that McDonald’s is struggling in Europe and is therefore trying to focus on the healthier origin of its products. For example, in Italy it is stressing on Italian origin of products, freshness and lightness of its food in Italy and with releasing press releases stressing its orientation towards healthy foods in the Italian market.

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