Computers have infiltrated deep into our society. It is hard to think a day without using a computer. From young children to adults we all use computers in our daily lives. We have become increasingly dependent on computers. It is now hard to imagine a life without using computers. Computers are used for various purposes. From entertainment to serious business and even maintaining monthly budgets and cash flows computers have indeed become a necessity. In this article, we will discuss the use of computers in different aspects of our daily lives. We will further discuss the use of computers in organizations and education. Please continue reading to find more.

Use of Computers in Organizations

It is a fact that without a computer an organization is useless. In this modern age of booming technology, there is no organization which can function without having computers. Computers are used in different organizations for record keeping, they are used to evaluate the performance of employees, they are used by human resource departments to keep the record of different employees working in a company and most importantly they are even used to measure the growth of a company using different software. Computers have completely revolutionized the way most of the organizations’ function. These days instead of using expensive services of telex and fax organizations heavily rely on using computers to keep in contact with other branches located within a country and even abroad. The uses of email and live chat software have made it very convenient for organizations to keep in touch with customers. In fact, these days an organization has a separate department which deals with customers online.

Uses of Computers in Education

Computers are not just restricted to organizations. They have also penetrated deeply in education. These days high school, colleges, and universities highly depend on the use of computers. It provides administration of colleges and schools a convenient platform through which it can run important affairs related to record keeping of students and even evaluation of their grades and performance throughout the year. It helps administration keep the record of the staff.

Household Use

Computers are also very useful when it comes to running household affairs. Many people use them for entertainment. They love watching movies and listening to songs. Not only that but they also use it for budgeting and maintaining monthly cash flow.

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