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With so much damage that already has been done since the oil spill started in the Gulf of Mexico, it remains the prime duty of the residents of the worse affected states to take correct and effective measures so that their life should be brought back to normal and the damage that has been inflicted on the community must be dealt appropriately.
A full fledge project must be drafted and later on implemented to deal such crises situation and ensure that damage is minimized and pressure is put on the government authorities so that a strong effective decision is taken to stop the oil spill flow into the Gulf of Mexico. As a part of the project, the community of Louisiana must involve its Governor, Bobby Jindal to report this matter to the President and higher authorities so that preventive measures are taken (Burger, 1997, p. 127).

An increasing pressure must be put on British Petroleum and its Head Quarters and to force them to take quick actions to stop the oil flow further in the sea and come up with some technique which would either stop the oil flow or deposit some oil reservoir in the sea which could store the crude oil in it instead of letting it flow in the sea.

The main scope of the project is to speed up the community efforts in form of cleaning up the sea shores of Louisiana. Up till now the shores have been fully covered with the great thick oil slick and it has also been found that the marine life has been totally disturbed. Dead Turtles, sharks, fishes and many other marine life creatures have been found dead which is home of fishing industry in US.

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