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As has been stated above, children tend to have far more nightmares as compared to adults. Obviously, being innocent little children nightmares would have negative effects on them and their personality. When a child has a nightmare, he or she tends to start fearing things and objects, particularly those seen by him or her in his dream. Nightmares are said to have even effected how children function all the way throughout the day. Children usually have trouble falling asleep after waking up from a nightmare and in most extreme cases it can even affect their psychological health (Nightmares and Night Terrors in Children, p.1).
On the other hand, when children have a good dream they stay happy all day and at times even boast about it to their parents and family and siblings. This in turn has a positive effect on their overall personality and their day to day functioning.

In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that dreams are illusions we see while being asleep. What is to be noted is that there is not one particular theory related to why we dream or what purpose dreams serve. There are several theories which should be investigated so we may know everything related to dreams. Nightmares, which are more common in children, also occur during sleep time and have their own reasons of occurrences.

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