Sample Essay

When a woman has a baby, she tends to have a lot of mood swings. One minute they are happy and the next they cry like never before. Experts believe that the effects of post-partum depression are embossed in the lives of the children. Scientific research has asserted that the children whose mothers go through post-partum depression after the birth of their baby, are more likely to develop violent behavior by the time that they turn just eleven.

According to the research, “Violence was more common in boys than girls at age 11 and mostly involved fighting with peers. The fighting often resulted in injury and suspension from school. The link between a child’s violent behavior and the mother’s postpartum depression was associated with the children’s problems in regulating their attention and emotion, the study says. These children were angry and inattentive at age 11 and these characteristics were linked to their increased risk of violent behavior” (Postpartum Depression Can Lead to Violent Kids, 2006).

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