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Numerous people who have life-threatening diseases spend half of their lives wishing they were dead, or they could not stand it anymore eventually figure out that deep-down inside they have all the strength that it takes to overcome their fears, their resentments along with their wishes to die. Such people fight back and survive far longer than those who lose hope.
Personal Opinion
My personal opinion lies completely in tangent with what has been said in the article. Stress definitely has such negative impacts on our health that it can be deteriorated completely. Stress is one factor that affects our complete lifestyle and ruins it on daily basis. When we are stressed out, we do not feel upto anything good, we feel lousy and usually thoughts like “I wish I were dead, I cant do this” etc seep into our mind, which further deteriorate our health. I totally agree with all that the author has written as stress has the tendency to ruin one’s life completely, but those who have the will to fight on and live a merry life.

In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that the article, “Stress: How It Affects Us” which is written by Joel Nathan proves that stress has negative effects on our mind and body, and if left ignored it can cause serious health problems to us.

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