Sample Essay

The prime reason of taking this project is to limit and control the damage that has been occurred due to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The life of the residents has been completely changed and their source of earning living and livelihood has totally been lost. Due to oil spill, a certain smell has started reaching the residents living near the sea shore due to which residents have complained breathing and eye sight problems.

People who were associated to fishing industry and selling fishes for earning daily day wages have become unemployed due to this disaster. Those who got unemployed now ask government to finance them in these difficult times. Aggression from such unemployed people has been increasing from day to day as the conditions get worse and mainly out of control.
Tourism industry too has been badly affected due to this oil spill. The state of Louisiana has been generating a sufficient amount of money through tourism in its state. Tourism contributes to 25% of the total revenue being generated for the state but oil spill has even halted such tourism activity for the state of Louisiana. Things are just getting worse and worse according to a resident living in the oil spill affected coast line.

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