Sample Essay

People have the capability to think autonomously, feel and express emotions, question issues and they have elements that make them special. However, these are also the very factors that might make it difficult for managers to manage people (Ken, 2009).

The success and failure factors of managing people are tremendously tricky. It depends on the different people within the organization, the nature of projects, how people relate to each other and the leadership style of the organization (Ryan, 2009).

Efficient management of people is the “life’s blood” of an organization. Organizations that are extremely successful have a well-built leadership element. One of the first signs that an organization is under pressure is that the organization has failed to hire the right people. If the right people are hired then the organization should be able to retain them by being able to motivate, manage conflict and different types of employees, have good supervision and delegation skills and finally be able to reward and acknowledge good performance (Chris, 2009).

All these above mentioned statements clarify one single aspect that efficient workforce are required in every project and in projects like Burj Khalifa, people management has been pretty crucial as the entire success or the failure of the project depends on the employees working on the project and the performance they give in carrying out tasks related to the project.

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