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The last known use of the Egyptian hieroglyphics dates back to 394AD (35). The meaning Egyptian language that had lost for years was finally revealed to the world. Champollion proved that the writing system was not just pictorial symbolic but phonetic as well (256). From antiquity, hieroglyphs have been described as a “silent language each image representing an idea or word an allegory” (163).

            Egyptian history always fascinated both Napoleon and Champollion;  they both loved Egypt  and had a great longing to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphics, together they would sit for long hours discussing Egypt as if two men in love with the same women.

Champollion’s love for languages started ever since he was a child. He was a gifted youngster, and had extraordinary talents. At a very young age he wished to unlock the hidden mystery of “the dark gray with delicate vein of pink” (113) stone known as Rosetta stone which was eventually fulfilled after his incredible struggle. His interest in languages led him to find the most difficult writing code of all times that held lots of misunderstanding and confusion through ages. Champollion was indeed a genius; it is quite evident when he says, “I will be the one to decipher hieroglyphics” (36).

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