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  • Economic Model is necceasary since it confirms the funds of the unit and also the independence. Models like charge-back, tax on business units, money from funds of the business and also hybrids are important to support the economic model and its objectives. The major aims of the economic model is self reliance when it comes to funds for the business units. Another aim achieved is the increased perceieved value of IA which is essential for the organization.
  • Marketing is basically the positiong of the IA model by approaching the right people. The right clients can be approached in two ways and they are as follows:
    • No carrot nor stick
    • To offer services and advertise them in a way that the customer gets convinced that the offering is low priced and good value.

The scope of this factor can expand since it varies in every organization. Branding is the most essential tool to attract customers and brands need to be hip, hot, in and popular. It all depends on the sort of brand image the organization builds since that confrims their brand equity in the market which further on determines the sales and popularity of the organization. It is important to illustrate the concept well that can be done with centralization of approach since it needs to feasible and accessible. The staff directory can help achieve this objective since it’s a guid for all enterprise users, it has high class complex metadata, searching and browing facilities on the website. It must have a higher value in the light of the firm’s day-to-day operations.

  • Staffing which is strategic to the success of the organization. There has to be an active board of directors, 5-7 representatives of the signficant constituencies, to learn from past mistakes, a vision and also people who understand the value of money for the organization. There has to be a team that is assigned certain activities. But services and activities can be outsourced as well.
  • Timing is important and needs to be used lesser and lesser which depends on the content and its ability to attract the reader, strategic value and influential users to encourage others. Early success models need to be used like within 3-6 years but not months since that will be too less. But centralization is most important for success.


EIA is one of the most important and popularly used data warehouseing technique that contributes to data security which is an issue all over the world currently. EIA has to be organization wide and effective but problems occur since it varies within organizations. There are solutions to this problem but EIA is considered to be complex and complicated overall. There are problems and issues attached to this technology but knowledge and information management needs to be practised all over the organization within an architecture that supports the entire system. EIA is significant and the importance of this technology is growing day by day since organizations are getting virtual and the prevailing competitive enviornment calls for continous improvements to attract and retain customers.

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