Sample Essay

Browsing material available within print and electronic media requires readers to employ different search plan. With minimal knowledge and software, computer users can create searchable PDF documents at their homes or in their offices. Likewise, search tags are a great help to users if they want to search emails, photos and virtual bookmarks. Print media can be organized into folders (for e.g. newspaper sections). It is on a reader’s convenience to prefer one type of media over another. It depends profoundly on reader’s own psychology. (Withers)

Seemingly, print media is being overcome by electronic media. In this epoch of information technology, old methods of transferring information such as the Newspapers and magazines are slowly but surely losing down their magnitude in contrast to the computer even in the marketing world. (Hrastnik 2005) Whatever the case may be, media has strong influence on public ever since the advent of mass communication through media. Our opinions are shaped by what we are shown and told on television and in newspapers. Population’s personal belief or judgment regarding certain facts or issues is majorly formed by media.

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