Sample Essay

Embodied cognition is considered to be reflective of the practical environment and hence involves both perception and action. It is also affected by time pressures.  Along with the human mind, the surrounding environment also plays a major role in determining the activity of embodied cognition (Bechtel, 1997, p. 187).Embodied cognition focuses on elaborating the mechanisms which determine intelligent behavior among humans. It has three major methodologies to do so namely,

  • Holistic modeling of both psychological and biological systems: In this methodology the human mind and body are considered to be a represent a single variable. (Clark, 1998. p. 201)
  • Formation of general principles of intelligent behavior: There are as many as five general principles which over the years have been utilized to determine traditional artificial intelligence. (Lakoff, & Johnson, 1980. p. 96)
  • Experimental usage of robots in monitored environments: Along with artificial intelligence, emotional cognitive is extensively used in the development of robots for experimental usage. (Pfeifer, & Scheier, 1999. p. 134)

Although embodied cognition is still quite a new concept but its application is of paramount importance in this digital age since it gives newer insights into human psychology.

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