Sample Essay

A recent study at the University of Aberdeen concluded that when people come across mental time travel either thinking about the past or future their reactions are determined the way their bodies react, hence acting out metaphors. The study surrounding these metaphors is known embodied cognitive science. This research proposal will present a thesis on embodied cognition and how it has given new dimension to the human psychology.

In recent times it has been the subject of numerous studies. In simple terms embodied cognition proposes that the human mind is actually reflective of the human body (Keil, 1989. p. 47). Various aspects of cognition for instance; thought processes, ideas, conceptions etc. are reflective of the way a human body is structured. The manner in which the human body is structured involves many different aspects which comprise of the perceptual system, human intuitions and built-in understanding of the human environment (Angier, 2010).

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