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Putting more emphasis with an aim of building a better brand should be the core interest to each and every producer who wants to put their manufacturers at a better selling position or a more pronounced selling point.23 If all the selling points and other related consumer product promotions, for instance those who buy clearly emphasized brands, then consumers of any producer product will be right just like any successive brand.17 Better still, producers can also develop and display their product in every communication vehicle since emphasis on any brand benefits is usually based on what the brand will do to improve the consumers life and  not what it is.12, 20,24 At times,  use of an icon by host brands is mainly when there is a mandate which has been described in legal agreements with host brands. 27, 36 Emphasis is on brand benefits will have a number of high grade branded products which will initiate better points of interest among the consumers besides having more product sells in the market. Some other needs by the consumers may be met this way through professional market research which is usually aimed to find the core need of a consumer demand for high-grade brand. 18, 22

Choose host brand partner (s)

In this process, the producers should seek to build up and exploit all the well-known ingredients. Having a highly reputable host brand partners is the first stage to any market breakthrough. Basing on care selection of partners, an Ingredient Brand can finally step out of the shade of its other competing products. 4, 17 In this process, careful cooperation among all partners and shareholders is vitally necessary. Since its an objective by all the partners to ensure high returns, the supplier is therefore easily able to create a brand equity, and is even in a better the position to dictate the brand’s market value and prices for all products that reach the consumer. 8, 19, 31 

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