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A new strategy will address to all the problems and short comings of the strategy implemented. The most dominant problem was employee involvement, development and satisfaction and these three aspects are interrelated and integrated. This aims to improve the quality of work life of the employees which is essential to satisfy and then develop employees. Employee involvement includes systematic methods that aim to empower the employees by encouraging employee participation in decisions that eventually affects the employees’ relationship with their job, management and organization.
DrugDiv’s management needs to understand the importance and need of employee participation and even after the management realized they were at fault even then they did not realize the lack of employee involvement in decision making and thus ignored its consequences on the company’s productivity. Since involving employees incurs in them a sense of responsibility since they take ownership of their participation and its eventual consequences. Employee involvement is essential and it should not only be taken as a simple strategic approach since it should become a part of the organizational culture and philosophy. A number of successful companies like Hewlett Packard, Ford, and General Motors etc have made considerable efforts to inculcate employee involvement in their culture and corporate philosophy. It is important to include HR managers where people are involved and in the implementation of this system the HR experts were not involved otherwise they could have realized the importance of employee involvement. When employees are involved in decision making the company is implying that they have faith in their employees and they consider each employee to be an expert on the job which in turn empowers the employees. By doing this the Pygmalion effect results and this occurs when people in an organization live up to the high expectations that others have of them. This improves performance on the whole and motivates employees to work better. This results in increased productivity and a good quality of work life for employees (Dessler; 2000).

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