Sample Essay

Nursery student’s specially enjoys reading nursery rhymes. I believe that is because they have a certain tune which is easy for the young minds to memorize and the lyrics also make up an interesting tale about a character that appeals to them .It has been seen from experience that reading rhymes to this age group is one of the best ways to promote reading habits. Children will love to pick up a nursery rhyme book for reading. Parents can contribute to this easily since the rhymes being taught at school re still the same ones that were taught in their times and I am sure parents still remember them I sure do!

Children of this age enjoy being read to. It has been my personal experience that at the story telling time when children gather around the teacher to listen to a story being told, they are most focused. They love to make guesses about what is going to happen next. I think that is the correct time to encourage a child to read further by himself in order to find out how the story progresses.

Moreover, I believe that phonics has also made reading easier and interesting. Previously, when this practice wasn’t followed, a child had to be told repeatedly and also had to memorize which letter made which sound. Phonics has made that simple. Now it is easy for a child to associate a sound with a letter thus making it comparatively simpler to form words and read them.

Some children also enjoy reading at this age as they are provided encouragement from home. Parents who read aloud to their children for at least 30 mins a day are more likely to develop a reading habit in them. If a child enjoys reading at home, I am sure he would also enjoy it in school. Also, a study has revealed that those children who did not develop a good reading habit owned fewer books at home than others. Our lives have become so fast and busy that sometimes we ignore the desire of a child to read or be read to and this lessens the child’s drive for reading, as the following diagram shows:

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