Sample Essay

Encouraging supportive and collaborative workforce has helped the enterprise boost the morale of its employees. This has proved to be a very strong tool for morale boosting especially among workers found at the same place of work (Brown 1995, p.117). Workers find it easier to work because they are allowed to support one another when working. This is therefore a tool appropriate for morale boosting.

It is also clear that the culture of team building is very important. When workers are allowed to work as a team, ideas are easily shared and a wide variety of approaches given. This improves performance as numerous opinions are given. Morale of workers improves as they find it easier and comfortable to work together as a team.

The manner in which management communicates with their juniors has been found as wanting in many organizations. Humble and polite language creates sense of respect to the employee and this greatly boosts their morale (Clark, 2002, p. 111). This falls in the psychological point of view in organizational behavior as a study field. Other psychological aspects include allowing healthy relation ships to grow amongst employees. Integrated relationships relating to work are very instrumental in ensuring workers commitment in an enterprise.

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