Sample Essay

As of 2003, South Africa was consuming 496,000 barrel per day of oil, producing 194,600 barrel per day consequently importing 274,400 barrels. However it was exporting 73.7mmst of coal in 2002 and its electricity consumption was within its generation range according to the figures of 2002. The total energy consumption of South Africa as of 2002 was 4.5 quadrillion Btu that is approximately 1.11% of world’s energy consumption. On basis of these figures South Africa imports oil, exports coal and is self sufficient in electricity usage. Therefore, South Africa is not producing energy to fulfill its requirements.

The main environmental concerns of South Africa are water pollution, lack of fresh clean water availability and air pollution. South African government in collaboration with Non-governmental organizations has taken many steps to control the environmental change and apply renewable and alternative energy sources. One such example is the application of solar water heaters in Cape Town with plans of 10% of the city using them by 2010.

The government has introduced various acts like “the Dumping At Sea Control Act, the National Coastal Management Policy, the Energy White Paper, the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act, and the National Water Act and National Environmental Management Act”(National state) and measures are also been taken to create awareness among the masses.

There are lots of environmental advocacy groups like The African Center for Bio safety and environmental advocacy group Bio watch, South African Environmental observatory network (SAEON) and etc.

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