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English dramas are undoubtedly some of the greatest masterpieces that exist in the world today. A majority of them—especially the classical ones from revered linguists like Shakespeare, Sophocles and Elizabeth—were, fundamentally written to explicate the rich English culture while, concurrently, providing literary solutions to the tethering challenges that were being faced back then. Of course there is also the entertainment aspect that immensely attracted wide crowds from various cultures; but this was just a side-issue when compared to the educative significance which was vitally valued by its audiences.

At this point, one would probably ask: why then does a majority of the English drama have its fundamental roles given to evil people if their main purpose was to educate its audiences? This would probably give wrong education to it audiences and orient them towards evil, don’t you think so? Well, true as this opined assertion might be; there are several reasons—as will be expansively highlighted in the later parts of this write-up—for the wide usage of evil people on the best drama roles.

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