Sample Essay

The ingredient brand being a specific theme which identifies and separates a product from others in the market consists of all points of contact and which are related to the brand, brand experience. It can be said that any brand image, 17 is a symbolic of a construct created within the minds of people, 10 and consists of all the information and expectations which are associated with that particular ingredient or product.19 If suppliers engaged in branding or aligning the expectations behind the brand experience, plus clearly stating its icon and specific use extensions, this will in no doubt create the impression that a brand associated with a particular product has certain qualities which makes it unique.14 A brand icon and its extensions use, is therefore one of the most valuable elements in traceability and during upstream differentiation, as it demonstrates what the brand owner is able to offer in the market.20 This art of creating brand icon, and maintaining the government certified brand broadly accepted as adequate brand management. Correct brand icon and extensions use assure that the internal organization and customers always use the brand icon and extensions correctly.13
Zaltman (2003) argues that if a supplier fails to clearly state the brand’s icon and its rules of extension use, automatically leads to police misuse of that brand by others “… which in turn risk the commoditizing the brand thus diminishing its financial value to that of a generic.” 12 The effect of this is a continuous friction with the business law and ethics, which may exit suppliers from the market if they fail to recognize the above mentioned requirements. 20 Careful brand management seeks to make the product relevant to the target consumers and friction of suppliers with the government quality inspectors will be minimal or completely eliminated. One important fact with use of correct use of brand icons is that a brand which is widely known in the marketplace will always acquire a form of brand recognition.21 This brand recognition at the end may build to a point where it finally enjoys a critical mass of positive sentiment in the marketplace.

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