Sample Essay

Organizations employ workers from different parts of the world. This means that the company fasces numerous challenges in incorporating people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Many factors that affect workers morale have been detected and possible actions by managers in human resource departments recommended.

First, organizational factors play a very crucial role in ensuring worker motivation (Clark & Estes 2002, p. 112). Strong mutual understanding between the human resource department and the workers in different organizations is very instrumental. Leadership has made it possible for the workers to feel part of the running of any organization. This greatly boosts the morale of workers by great margins.

Shared visions between the company’s management and workers work well for any company. When a worker has the company’s’ visions as his own, there is a possibility that the worker will put in more efforts to make this come true (Clark & Estes 2002, p 56). The overall outcome is an improved productivity of the company, which positions it ion a better platform for competition.

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