Sample Essay

Enterpriseinformation architecture is a model that has four levels and they are as follows:

  • Physical level: This level encompasses the computer hardware of the organization, network interface, telecommunication facilities and the LANs that support the intranet and extranet. Previously systems in organizations used to be monolithic and centralized but now they are more decentralized and distributed in the form of client/server, network-based computer systems etc.
  • Information level: This level is concerned with the information of the organization like databases, model bases, knowledge bases and metabases. This level is independent of the physical level and it interprets the information within the organization. This level connects to the global information network as well so the organization stays connected with the global network and external environment as well. This in turn helps derive information regarding market research, opportunities, customers, external, financial and economic. This level brings the organization at a level where it has access to the virtual world. Being virtually connected with partners and customers is critical to organizations success nowadays. The interorganizational information systems such as Electronic data interchange (EDI) or decision support systems etc are pepped up by the modelbases at this level in the organization. But knowledge needs to managed in a recursive way and that can be done by the next level.

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