Sample Essay

In terms of social aspect, the society which is being served by Listerine is not much concerned about oral health care and is not inclined in purchasing health care products. It was found out in survey that the customers are just concerned in buying a toothpaste once a month which clearly suggests that the quantity of toothpaste is only limited enough to clean the teeth for 20 days. This suggests that an average person brushes his/her teeth on alternate days and there is no concept of using mouth wash and freshener gums to keep the oral condition clean and safe. Therefore it becomes the duty of Listerine to keep the society aware of the benefits of using oral health care products. By keeping society aware of the benefits there are much higher chances of increasing sales and getting high market share (Farris, 2010, p. 202).

Technological aspect in terms of Listerine does not really link up much as the production of the product does not require high technological efforts. Although the infrastructure is well set for Listerine for its production which makes it clear that there are not much hurdles for the company in production of oral health care products (Bratton, 2008, p.108).

Legal barriers too do not really create many hurdles for Listerine. Although it is important for the company to have medical certifications from medical and oral health care board to make sure that the product which is being sold is tested and safe for customers to use. It is now necessary for all the oral health care companies to obtain ISO Certification to make sure that they are tested for quality standards and have a set standard for their products (Scott, 2010, p. 45).

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