Sample Essay

The importance of cross-functional team for the ERP project was evident in all the SMEs in Ireland which is consistent with the existing CSF literature (Markus et al., 2000; Mabert et al., 2003; Nah et al., 2001; Gupta, 2000). However, the issue of hiring external consultants or experienced IT staff is also an important decision to make, which had been discussed previously. The inclusion of pilot customers and staff from the parent company could also be a wise strategy as they could lend their experience into the requirement analysis and implementation stages respectively.

Open & Honest communication

Figure 5.1 by Adam and O’Doherty (2000) illustrates the steep fall in the staff motivation levels, mainly due to the unfounded rumors and the return to their previous job roles. However, as discussed in the existing CSF literature, Open and honest communication throughout the project could be an answer to the solution where the staff could be communicated about periodic updates, achievements of the project and the new responsibilities of individuals in the post-implementation phase. If the project is part of a major restructuring program which involves the reduction of direct labour, it should be communicated well in advance, instead of creating high insecurity among the existing staff.

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