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Throughout the event, Exxon kept away from the media and the press. This was another cause for the bad public relations that it created. The company did not disseminate any information to the public initially except for in a remote town ofValdezand when it did it was criticized for being contradictory, underestimated and often false information. Moreover, Exxon ignored taking the responsibility of the action and damage caused. It held the federal officials responsible for the hindrance in containing the spill while after 10 days of the incident the company ran an advertisement in the newspapers apologizing for the loss but still not taking any responsibility for it. This act further caused the public to view the company as insincere and artificial. (Holusha, 1989)

These erroneous steps taken by the company caused it to loose it public standing and create a negative impact over its consumers and the public in general. Environmentalists protested against the company and majority of its consumers refused to buy products from the company. The event and its aftermath affected the well being of the company and caused it an image of being inconsiderate of the environment, irresponsible of its actions and insincere towards the consumers.(Holusha, 1989)

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