What are the ethical dimensions of QRR’s decision to monitor its employees? How should these be incorporated into its policies and decision making? Should Peter recommend any changes to the monitoring policy?


In order to understand the ethical dimensions of the decision-making process, first one needs to define the limit and scope of ethical concern. The main focus is the area beyond the existing rules and regulations of the organizations. It concerns the gray area of employee discretion in carrying out the functions of organizations (zone of discretion). In other words, the focus is on the area where personal ethics are in conflict with one other.

There are two main approaches in dealing with QRR’s ethics. One is “structural approach”, which concentrates on organizational rules and regulations to uphold ethical norms. The other is the “normative approach” which emphasizes the significance of developing an ethical culture in organizations and goes beyond the normal imposition of structural limitations.

In my opinion Peter should recommend changes to the monitoring policy.

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