The reputation and image of the business depends on this topic. Unethical business conduct destroys the image and reputation of the business. Unethical conduct not only affects those in the organization but also those who are not directly linked to the business. While the negative image of the unethical conduct reflects badly on the managers it affects the cost to shareholders (DeTienne, 2005). The reason is because the scandals and negative publicity that accompanies these events decrease sales and profits.

                The responsibility of the managers is to create a corporate responsibility that will set an example to the employees and staff. This will entail the management style, practices, goals, customer relations, public relations and moral of the business. This implies that the managers have a duty to develop and ethical sound practices that will require the lay down of methods and strategies that will entail customer handling practices. This will involve customer response time, phone response, handling of complaints, refund system and any customer related scheme.

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