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My name is Julius Spier. I was a student of Jung and a hand-reading specialist in the field of Therapeutic Research, fled from Germany (Grimmelikhuizen, 2002).  It was March 1941, when I first met Etty, I was reading her palm. I perceived that she was ‘philosophically and intuitively gifted’ and told her that. She seemed to be sad and stunned at that instant as she was not listening to me, she was gazing at me, in a way as if she can have the insight of me through my eyes and I was looking back in those deep secretive eyes (Hillesum, 1983). I recommended her to start writing a diary, which I used to tell my every patient. I observed that she was always engrossed in thoughts. Etty had lots of things to express but always felt unprotected to let her thoughts out of that small prison of her mind. Even though she was intellectual and was capable of producing many great works. As weeks went by, I noticed that she listened to my conversations with the rest of my patients.

Etty attended my lectures too and sat at the place where I could not spot her but I could see and feel the immense intensity, she sat there and listened to my lectures, which delighted me all the time. I guided her that how she should spend her life and so I started to assist her through gymnastics, breathing exercises and even wrestling with her. Sometimes I read bible and other literature books to her which she listened with great enthusiasm. Fortunately, she began recognizing her writing skills and tried to mould them. I treated her both through mental and physical exercises and to my surprise, she beat me (Hillesum, 1983). By the time I began to come closer to her, I told her all about my past. About my unsuccessful marriage, my girlfriend in London, whom I was engaged and wanted to marry her (Grimmelikhuizen, 2002). She did not say anything about it. Maybe she was too confused with the relationship we had then.

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