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It was 1942 when anti-Jewish restrictions began. The measures were intensified rapidly and became more restrictive and callous. The threat grew even greater, and terror increased as the days passed by and all Jews were ordered to wear a yellow star on their clothing (Grimmelikhuizen, 2002). At that time I found her fighting and confronting with those sufferings bravely. In those moments Etty used to pray to God or I must say, talk to God as if she was having some direct conversation with Him and asking for His help (Downey, 1988).
When Jews were being sent to Poland for extermination, Etty comprehended that some day we both will be separated. I convinced her that everything will be all right but I understood that she was distressed though not pretending (Hillesum, 1983). In order to prevent herself from deportation, she took a job as a secretary at the Jewish Council. Later, she realized that it was not a suitable work for her, so she started helping refugees in camps as a social worker to serve humanity and its sufferings while her own health was deteriorating (Downey et al., 1988). Many of us asked her to go into hiding but she refused. Everyone said that she must try to stay out of the German clutches, on that she said, How can I be in their clutches when I am in God’s arms (Hillesum, 1983).     That was the day when I witnessed Etty’s spiritual face. She learned a great deal in a short span of time and this was the best period of my life I spent with Etty for which I am thankful to God.

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