Sample Essay

The compact oxford English dictionary (2005) defines ethics as a set of principles that influence conduct. Here we attempt to analyze whether uses ethical practices on its website. The photographs on the internet are the intellectual property of the photographer or their owner.  The case illustrates that uses its spider to collect images as it crawls across the internet. It then selects ranks, filters and rate pictures and indexes the website from which the images were taken. If a user generates a query, displays thumbnail versions of the original image to the user. Doing so only picks up images and indexes them to the users. It does not give the ownership to these images and in my opinion should be subjected to copyright protection. As does not acquire the right to collect these images and distribute them through its website. Its crawler does not differentiate between commercial websites and other websites. For example, it picked up pictures from Leslie Kelly’s website that actually generates business from those very images.

In my opinion reducing the size of the photograph does not actually transform it. I do not agree with Judge Taylor’s argument described in the case. Even a thumbnail sized image of the original image is actually a miniature copy of the original image. Photography is an art in its self, a picture captures the view of the world that a professional artist wants it to capture. It shows the world through the photographer’s point of view and therefore uses the artist’s creative potential. Therefore, even if it is reduced in size it in essence shows the same view point of the artist and should be classified as the intellectual property of the artist.

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