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“Evaluative discrimination” on grounds of gender disparity at various organizational levels has also been reported. Studies by England and Farkas (p.1) along with a vast numbr of other studies clearly indicate that more than often when women perform jobs of similar worth they are paid less than what men receive when they carry out the same jobs. Research findings by other experts further indicate another type of gender discrimination in the workplace and have named it “allocative discrimination” which hampers the career growth of women in American corporate environment.

Women are to date allowed limited entry to top managerial and exective posts within organizations “either at the time of entry or in terms of career advancement within the establishment. Allocative discrimination thus denotes unequal treatment of women in decisions about recruitment and promotion that in turn lead to women generally being employed in occupations, establishments, and jobs with relatively low earnings levels. Typically female jobs are characterized by low earnings as well as by limited career growth in earnings. Hence, segregated employment is almost always the same as unequal employment” (Tomaskovic-Devey, Kalleberg, and Marsden, p.1).

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